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Getting Custody

Date: 28 Feb 2000
Time: 17:58:31
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My boyfriend is wanting to get custody of his two daughters -- ages 4 & 5. One is currently staying with her maternal grandmother and the other with her maternal great aunt. The mother lives within 5 miles of the children and currently has a warrant pending for failure to appear in court for a marijuana possesion ticket. The children see their mother once or twice a month and are not staying with each other. The father has moved back to this state to try and gain custody because he wants for them to grow up together and have a stabile home life. We aren't sure where to start...

From: Child Custody Consultant
Date: 27 Jun 2000
Time: 13:32:49
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Consider asking the court to order limited supervised visitations due to the alcohol problems. These type of problems with alcohol endanger your children's lives.

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